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Organ Needle

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It is Thanksgiving Friday, and life is good. Hiking Organ Needle is a wonderful way to prevent gaining body fat from the holiday season. Yeah, I know it does not sound quite right, but that's the truth.

There are all sorts of comments about the Needle hike: like, "hike of a life time, you only do it once," "I'll never go back there again!" etc, etc... The most humorous comment might be the one in the sign-in book on the top that says, "now I am here, how the heck am I suppose to get down!" The uniqueness of that humor is, if a hiker hadn't been there, they don't get that taste.

This is going to be the third time I am hosting this hike. September one had 7 hikers; 6 made to the Needle. October one 11 hikers; 9 made it. Both time took a bit more about 10 hours.

Yes, it's extremely strenuous. Every time it poses a new challenge to me. And that's why I intend to do it again, and again, and again. For the latter half of the trail, every step of it demands full body response and mental focus. It is not only a physical challenge, it's also a spiritual/mental/psychological strain.
La Cueva Picnic Area
Dripping Springs Road · Las Cruces, NM
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