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Lower San Andreas Canyon


The topo maps show an old trail winding from the desert floor up and into San Andreas Canyon. This lessor known sister canyon to Dog Canyon cliffs out in the mid regions, not really allowing easy access to the upper reaches, but it does invite examination. I plan to check out the old trail, the follow the canyon bottom up the North Fork to the cliffs/waterfall formation... then retrace the drainage and check out the shorter south fork... and, possibly ascend Joplin Ridge (if it lets us!) to conclude the hike down and around using the Dog Canyon trail (#106).

This will be an off trail exploratory hike... likely a Class I Canyoneering adventure. I have not idea what will be encountered... this is not for beginning hikers... Pace will be moderate but it could be a very long day.

We will park outside the Oliver Lee State Park entry... and walk over to the mouth of the Canyon (north)

Not sure about mileage or elevation gain... lots of both?!
Dog Canyon
Oliver State Park, Alamogordo · Las Cruces, NM
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