Mountaintop Off Trail...

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I camped out off the Forest Road 64 corridor for two months over the summer, and discovered some exceptional off trail routes. Weather allowing I plan to head back over to see what the area is like during the Winter months... Ideally, we will drive in on the paved Sunspot hiway then, depending on the condition of FR 64, park or walk in.

If we can get in far enough, we will hike a variety of off trail routes: Campsite Cut down to Bull Elk Trail... up and over into Upper Wills Canyon... down to July Canyon... up to the old 6th Gate Logging roadbed, and back around to FR 64.

If there is enough snow on the ground, and the road is clear, we might switch this over to a shorter snowshoe outing.

You can check out the trails over on unlike the AllTrails site which lists less than 40 New Mexico hikes, HA lists nearly 500 for New Mexico... over 3,000 for Arizona!

The difficulty for the day: Altitude (9,000' plus)... Mileage: 20?.... Elevation Gain: the elevation gains will be minimal... Weather...? ...and, it will be off trail, although the routes are very clear.

We will have an alternative hike planned in case the weather is foul, probably a ridge hike down above Alamogordo.

If the weather is nice, I plan to drive up Friday and camp out...

Nice to be on the trail by 8:30am... ideally meeting at FR 64 at 8am?

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