Ortega Peak...Let It Snow!!

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

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I usually do not even take notice of the details along "A" trail... our go-to in town hike. This oh, so steep track just gets the job done. This is the thrice weekly training route... often done as a double or triple loop. As often as not, it is the trail down from one of the many area canyon and ridge loops.

But, on this day it will be different...

...this is a nice trail... and has a variety of interesting overviews and vistas. Additionally, it has some great trail side details: old mines, grottos, sculptured rocks. Moving from side to side on this ridge mounted trail there are interesting perspectives on the Marble Canyon hikes... as well as the canyons lying to the north.

And, there is the peak with it's 360 degree view of the area.

So... 3.7 miles (each way) of mostly on trail hiking... 3100' of up and down. We will go slow... probably take 4 hours to reach the top with lots of side diversions and rest stops. 3 hours to descend? The late start will not matter for this simple up/down trek.

If it snows... more the better!

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