Alamo Peak Observatory... Off Trail!! (Reloaded)

Hosted by Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club

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The idea is to route completely off trail from Alamogordo up to the Peak... over 5,000' of climbing and over 20 miles for the loop. Additionally, we have only plotted the hike up to West Side Road... from there on we will be wandering around, hoping for an access to the ridge north of the Observatory... The section through the old mining site will be nice; from there on who knows?

We will likely return down T109 (Alamo Peak Trail) then hit T104 (Alamo Canyon Trail)...

All of this is contingent on decent weather... we will do an alternative ridge hike if the weather is all wrong.

This is an extreme hike. A hike for hikers who can move at a pretty fast pace and keep it steady and last long; hikers with good knees, strong legs, long endurance capabilities, plenty of hard hiking experiences; and whatever else a hike like this is required, you name it.

A hiker with all the above qualities, plus a tinge of psychological self-abusive, might enjoy this hike.

Note: we checked out the off trail route (rough!) so we will stay on trail to the Observatory on this day instead... plus add some fun extra loops. Mileage could range up to 30... elevation gain might hit 7,000'! Early start to give us a chance to finish before dark (or soon thereafter!)

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