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Las Cruces Dam stroll

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With Daylight Savings Time ending, it's unfortunately too dark to continue hiking Tortugas Mountain. But, there is enough light to keep doing something. The Las Cruces Dam, running north to south from Del Rey Boulevard to East Lohman, is frequently used walking path in the city that, unlike other walking paths, is sufficiently away from any motor routes.

This is MUCH, MUCH easier than the Turtles & ice cream hikes we had been doing this summer. To make sure you have a workout, I recommend carrying weights, be them dumbbells, rocks in your backpack, or foot/hand weights. I don't think running would be a good idea, but it'd be nice to aim for a brisk pace at 3.5–4 mi/hour.

Afterwards, Baskin Robbins has dollar scoop night—child-size scoops are $1, and full-size scoops $1.50 for all sorbets and ice creams. Make sure to burn enough calories to earn yourself a cone if you decide to join.

Please bring a flashlight!

This may become, like Turtles & ice cream, a recurring thing if it works out. We can do it till it gets too cold or dark (another 1–1.5 months).

DISTANCE is 5.3 mi round-trip.

ELEVATION GAIN is zero, unfortunately

FEES: None.

DURATION: under 2 hours.

PET FRIENDLY? Yes. Bring a muzzle (you shouldn't need be told to bring a proper leash), and if you'd like to unleash, ask others before you do so.

SKILL LEVEL is unbelievably beginner friendly. Please find a way to make it more difficult (weights, etc)!

TERRAIN sandy/rocky path.


AFTERWARDS we'll take advantage of Baskin Robbin's Dollar Scoop Night.

MEET at:

Las Cruces: 6:00 pm, south end of Las Cruces Dam near East Lohman Ave. See map (OpenStreetMap ( or Google Maps (,-106.741609&hl=en&ll=32.317004,-106.740659&spn=0.003863,0.003026&sll=34.166233,-106.026069&sspn=15.464957,12.392578&t=m&z=18)).
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