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Hiking "A" Trail in Alamogordo makes a good start of year 2013. From early morning to late in the afternoon, the event host Michal is going to be on this trail doing loops.

"A" Trail is about 3.5 mile long one way, with an elevation gain of 3,100'. The round trip is about 7.5 mile. It's a doable hike for most of us with a new year resolution to be more physically active and stay fit. Could there be a better day to start instead January the first?

It would be the kick off of his million ft year, that is, he is going to top a million foot of elevation gain while hiking through the whole year. In case that you are wondering about the significance of that, nobody, on record, has ever done that much yet cumulatively in a year. To break down that million in a year, given that he is going to have some off days to take care of other things in life, he is going to climb on average 3,000' on daily basis. Michal is thinking of spending most of his first day to stash some cushion for the rest 364 days of the year. How many loops will he do? It's going to depend on how many hikers showing up to support him, to cheer him on.

you don't have to get up early to hike the "A" Trail. Of course, if you are as dedicated a hiker as Michal is, you may start at the trail head at dawn. Or, you had a late night party the night before, you may start your hike somewhence from mid morning to mid afternoon, so long that you leave yourself enough time to finish the hike. Whenever you start, if you are going to finish the complete loop, you are bound to catch up, or, be caught up, or, come across Michal at least once. Have a little chat with him, give him some spiritual support. And you might get a peep or two about what keeps him going like a youngster at his age!

Come one, come all! All the active hikers (or going to be active since first day of year 2013), no matter where you reside in Southern New Mexico or West Texas, please just commit a few hours of your new year's day to cheer Michal on. And get a bit exercise out of it for yourself on the side. Especially the hiking community of Alamogordo, any reasons for not showing up?

Come on, sign on to this event! Show up anytime during the day! Give him our support! And better still, cheer him on through the year!

Trail head is on Paiute Trail on the north side of the Fire Station. You may park on the roadside.

Michal's phone number is:[masked]. Any questions, ring him up.

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