Long Distance Hike on Sierra Vista Trail


As the temperature is low, climbing mountain peaks does not usually keep one warm enough, hiking the lower desert turns out to be much pleasanter than it usually was.
Sierra Vista Trail goes all the way from Dripping Spring Road, Las Cruces, New Mexico to Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso, Texas, in the lower desert of the west side of the mountain range. The trail is well marked. Except the occasional dipping in and climbing out of the arroyos, the trail is on level terrain, with minimal elevation gain/loss. We will start at the parking lot on Soledad Canyon Road, hike south. From Soledad Canyon Road Parking lot to Mesquite is about 7 miles; and from Mesquite to Vado is another 7. We will try to reach Vado, depending on how the group is doing, we may go even a mile or two farther south after Vado, before we turn around. And that makes the round trip of about 30 miles. We will keep the pace at close to 4 miles per hour for a rather extended time, and take very few breaks. The hike will take about 10 hours.
If you are training for Bataan Death March, or El Paso Marathon, this will be a very good training chance.
This is not a hike for beginners. However, hiking the first part (from Soledad to Mesquite and back) at your own pace is a much doable and enjoyable hike for most hikers.
Sunday should be a sunny day, with occasional scattered clouds, the temperature should be in the 40s, with east wind of 4 miles per hour.
We meet at Milagro Coffee at 7:00 am or wait for us at Soledad Canyon Road trail head at 7:20.