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Meet other local JavaScripters to network, share knowledge, to review the state of the art, or to dream up new applications. Meetups are free (as speech and beer) while we have the corporate sponsor.

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Meetups are structured as two consequential sessions with networking opportunities planned after each session. First session targets members who are new to JavaScript, the next session being for advanced presentations.

Anybody on the job market, please, read the https://www.meetup.com/js-chi/messages/5067572/ email and follow the directions.

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TypeScript, RxJS, and Angular Training

Needs a location

(NOTICE: This is a paid, cross-promotional event with Bitovi, one of JS Chicago's sponsors).

Join this week-long interactive virtual workshop to learn Angular, TypeScript, and RxJS. This workshop is perfect for those wanting to move from AngularJS to Angular, or those needing to learn Angular from the ground up. This workshop contains three à la carte sections: TypeScript, RxJS, and Angular.
Link to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/angular-training-series-341979?aff=meetup

**Selecting to attend this Meetup event does not guarantee a spot - registration via the Eventbrite link is required



The TypeScript training (https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-typescript.html) will cover fundamental knowledge about the language and how to be productive as an Angular developer using it.

The RxJS training (https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-rxjs.html) will cover foundational reactive programming concepts and how to use RxJS subjects, observables, operators, and more.

The Angular training (https://www.bitovi.com/academy/learn-angular.html) will explain Angular fundamentals with hands-on learning exercises to ultimately build, unit test, and deploy a working Angular app in version 13 of Angular.
This section of the training has attendees building a restaurant ordering app and covers topics like using the Angular CLI, building components, creating routing & navigation, creating services to make get requests, using reactive forms, writing unit tests, utilizing web sockets, and deploying a production build of the app. You can preview a working version of the app here: http://www.place-my-order.com/.


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