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Meet other local JavaScripters to network, share knowledge, to review the state of the art, or to dream up new applications. Meetups are free (as speech and beer) while we have the corporate sponsor.

Past talks and other member information is posted on our blog:


Meetups are structured as two consequential sessions with networking opportunities planned after each session. First session targets members who are new to JavaScript, the next session being for advanced presentations.

Anybody on the job market, please, read the http://www.meetup.com/js-chi/messages/5067572/ email and follow the directions.

Past events (145)

Reshaping The Testing Pyramid With Cypress

130 S Jefferson St

12 factor 4 frontends and React design systems

444 N Michigan Ave

Refactoring, Promises, Functional JavaScript and more

Pizza Hut Connnect

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