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Create Electronic Dance Music with JavaScript! By Walmik Deshpande from Paypal
"When you go to a club or a party or a rave. What is one of the most obvious things you notice about the music? It's repetitive! Since we are engineers, what comes first to mind when we see something repeating itself over and over again? Automate the damn thing \m/ I've created a Node.js module called Scribbletune which has a very minimalistic API. I'd like to showcase this module along with the options available to us today when it comes to creating dance music with Node.js right from the terminal as well as in the browser. Using regular JavaScript String & Array functions I’ll put together an Electronic Dance Music track with live coding and show how easy it is for you to start dabbling with EDM using JavaScript! We'll also throw in React & Redux to create a music production and performance app right in the browser!" About the speaker: Distinguished sprint monkey @PayPal, Sings in the bathroom, plays guitars in the bedroom, yawns in the boardroom. Just room room room! ------------------------------------------------------------- Submit your talk for future meetups here:

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