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Redefine your React Thinking and Twice Around the JS Loop
Talk-1:: Redefine your React Thinking by Jhankar Mahbub (30min) Description: React is the most popular JavaScript framework out there. To become a proficient front-end developer, you need to know the latest addition to the React world. We will talk about the Context API, Fragments, Portals, fiber, and all the new cool and shiny things added. These concepts will help you to think differently and will make you a smarter React Developer. . . . Talk-2:: Twice Around the JS Loop by Josh Beckman (45min) Description: Your code probably has promises, setTimeouts, setImmediates, requestAnimationFrames, style updates, process.nextTicks, etc. Do you have some bugs that pop up when those sequences happen out of order? Wouldn’t it be great to understand what governs the order of all those events? This talk explains and demystifies JavaScript's event loop, the thing that orchestrates the main thread of your browser, which includes JavaScript, events, and rendering. We'll look at the difference between tasks, micro tasks, paints, and where events land. We will also touch on the event loop in NodeJS, its subtle differences, and the considerations I/O brings to the loop on your server. By the end, you’ll be scheduling your async JavaScript code like a Pro!


175 W Jackson, 5th Floor · Chicago, IL

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