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Breaking down the Javascript Quiz

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So far the forecast calls for the worst of the cold be over by Tuesday afternoon. Please update your RSVP if you decide not to come.

Several presenters will take one question from the Kangex Javascript Quiz ( and break down why the puzzle returns the answer it does.

This is a beginner's night of sorts, even though you will hopefully never need to look into most of these dark corners. Members of all experience levels are encouraged to participate - if you can't find a relevant reference online, Justin or someone else from the group will glad to help.

If answering a question requires going into a particular feature of JS (prototypes, closures, etc) presenters are encouraged to work together in order to present background material once. If we get presenters for every item, we'll be looking at around 3-4 minutes each.

6:00 - begin arriving and socialize

6:30 - presentation begins

Sign up in the comments and the following list will be updated (Question #)

1. Md Khan

2. Nigam

3. Nate Johnson

4. (Md Khan)

5. (Md Khan)

6. (Md Kahn)

7. Dean Radcliffe

8. (Ben Pardo)

9. Jason Williams

10. (Md Khan)

11. (Md Khan)

12. Steve Kim

13. Ben Pardo

14. (Justin Love)

You may make requests for more than one question, but they will not be granted until the question is unclaimed the day before the meetup.

Space, food and refreshments will be provided by Enova International.