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Building an Interactive Sheet Music Player and Using ES6 Modules Today

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Building an interactive sheet music player by Adrian Holovaty

Description: Developer Adrian Holovaty gives a behind-the-scenes look at Soundslice (, a new interactive sheet-music player. Its notation-rendering engine is implemented entirely in client-side JavaScript and HTML5 . It uses the Web Audio API for audio alignment, synth sounds and audio slowdown.

Adrian will explain as much as he can about how the site works, within 30 minutes. The target audience is web developers who are familiar with JavaScript; knowledge of sheet music is not required.

Using ES6 Modules Today by Justin Meyer

- ES6 module import keyword.
- ES6 module Loader and System constructs
- The es6 module loader and systemjs projects
- How to build an ES6 project with StealJS

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6:00 - begin arriving and socialize

6:30 - presentation begins

Space, food and refreshments will be provided by Enova International.