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Developing HTML5/JS Apps for the Mozilla Marketplace, plus CanJS

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Presenter: Kumar McMillan
Topic: Developing HTML5/JS Apps for the Mozilla Marketplace
Duration: 30-45 min

Apple, Android, Facebook, and Google Chrome are busy building proprietary, esoteric app platforms that threaten the open web and undermine users' freedom. They provide a smoother user experience but what if we could use the power of the open web to provide this same kind of experience without platform lock-in? This is what the Mozilla Apps project aims to do. We've built WebRTs (web runtimes) for every major platform that make apps feel as native as possible, a marketplace to discover apps, and we're even working on a mobile OS based on open web standards called Boot To Gecko. The first phone will be available this fall in Latin America but until then you can already build apps *once* using the technology you know and love -- HTML5 and Javascript -- and install them everywhere. The talk will cover the basics on how to create an app, how to submit it to the Mozilla Marketplace, how to create a paid app and validate receipts, and how to accept in-app payments with a simple JS function. You'll also learn about how the project has been developed as open source from day one and how all of our apps and identity related APIs are open for anyone to implement and collaborate on.

Further reading:

CanJS ( ) is a lightweight framework that puts Bitovi's years of Javascript experience into a Backbone-sized package - Justin Meyer

Space, food and refreshments will be provided by Enova Financial.