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Web components as a compile target
A look at Angular Elements and friends. Web components are a set of browser standards that allow you to create custom elements that encapsulate templates, styles and logic using just vanilla APIs. But as complexity of the element grows, the APIs might start to feel a bit too low-level and verbose. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could use a higher level framework or library to abstract away some of the intricacies of creating web components? Well, one of the solutions is Angular Elements - a way to embed components written in Angular into any application without needing Angular to be present on the page. How is this possible? Simple, the single Angular component is packaged as a native web component providing just the input/output interface and encapsulating the logic. During the presentation, I will showcase how you can create such a component written in Angular code and use it effortlessly it in a React or Vue app. We’ll also have a look at other similar solutions like StencilJS and SkateJS. Already intrigued? Good 😃 Let’s explore the future together! ---- Andrei is coming from Bucharest, he's the organizer of ng-Bucharest and a Frontend Engineering Consultant @Qualitance


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