Anatomy of ES Modules


Hi there CluJSers,

With the era of ES2015 came along a new module concept for JavaScript applications. The adoption rate was pretty fast and now, ES Modules quickly became a natural way of writing our applications. And because this is a widely used approach it’s worth breaking it into bits and pieces.

This meetup is intended for all levels and skills. Everybody is welcomed.

The purpose of this meetup is to take a deeper dive into ES modules and see how they work and make our applications tick. I will bring some slides and neat examples but it will be a more open discussion kind of thing.

Some topics to talk about and cover:
- Modules in JavaScript
- The basics of ES Modules
- Importing and Exporting in detail
- Static vs Dynamic module structure
- Unit testing modules

About me:

I'm a Senior Front-end Developer at 8x8. My main flavour is JavaScript and programming in general. I like to keep in touch with the latest tech but I favour design patterns and principles over the shiniest framework.

See you next week!