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Hi there,

We are continuing our meetup lineup with a WebAssembly session. You may have heard and read about it. Well in this meetup we will get our hands dirty and write some light examples to get an idea of how things work.

The purpose of this meetup is to get a bit familiar with the tools and some basic techniques of how WASM can complement JavaScript.

Because WebAssembly is a binary format, we will need another language (besides JS) to compile it to the WebAssebmly format. That language will be Rust. Why Rust? Why not? :). I am not a Rust expert myself (far from it), but we will write enough code just to get an idea (and learn some new stuff along the way).

Meetup Level: You don't need to know Rust, WASM or anything related to them. We will learn everything from scratch.

Some high-level topics which we will cover:

- What is WebAssembly?
- How to get started with WebAssembly
- Tooling
- A few words on Rust
- Our first Hello World
- Actual writing and publishing an NPM module compiled in WASM

About Andrei:

I'm a JavaScript Developer at Moqups. I like to keep in touch with the latest and greatest tools. However, I favour design patterns and programming principles over the shiniest framework.