• Design System from UX to UI

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    Hello JSLovers, We are bringing a day dedicated to learn from the UX and UI folks from the industry to share and talk their knowledge, learnings, or projects on Design System. This is invite only event. As usual :) Agenda: 1) Introduction of JSLovers & audience 2) [UX] 3) [UI Talk] So you've got a design spec, what's the next step? Imagine you've got a design spec from a product designer and you're asked to create a component. What would be your first step after that? This talk is mostly focussed on that once we get a requirement then what would be the next step. How as a developer we should think of use cases and derive an API for our components rather than just going ahead and thinking of implementation details. Speaker: Kamlesh Chandnani https://twitter.com/_kamlesh_ 4) [UX] 5) [UI] 6) [UX] We will have lunch break , coffee breaks, & networking for sure. Keep an eye for the talks details and the registration form. Thanks, JSLovers Team