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6:30pm Doors open
7:00pm Intros
7:10pmRichard Feldman on 6 Months of Elm in Production
8:00pm 15 Seconds of Fame
8:30pm Meetup Over!

6 Months of Elm in Production by Richard Feldman

In the past 6 months our team at NoRedInk has been shipping Web UIs to millions of users using a compile-to-JS language with immutability everywhere, practically no runtime exceptions, and faster TodoMVC benchmarks than React or Angular.

We learned a lot along the way to getting Elm in production. Compared to JavaScript, what things got easier? What got harder? What was the learning curve like? If we could travel back in time, what would we do differently?

There's a lot to learn from our experience for anyone considering compile-to-JS languages. Come find out the answers to these questions and more!

15 Seconds of Fame

Have something you want to announce to the group? Near the end of the meetup, we'll have 15 seconds for you to make an announcement, request feedback, pose a question or *sigh* announce a job opening.

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