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SFJS #22: Canvas, WebSockets and Dev Tools (Lightning Talks)

This Meetup is past

200 people went


This meetup is sponsored and hosted by Trulia. If you would like to spend more time eating Thai food and drinking beer in their offices, they have a number of engineering opportunities (

Light snacks sponsored by Trulia and provided by Krua Thai (

Lightning Talks:

Dave Edelhart [@david_edelhart (!/david_edelhart)] demonstrates using Easely to enable event driven RAD with Canvas. Otto Hilska [@mutru (!/mutru)] discusses how they built the real-time functionality of Flowdock ( two years ago, and what were the challenges when rewriting it using ( and WebSockets. Suyash Joshi [@suyashcjoshi (!/suyashcjoshi)] will discuss tools and techniques for smart web browser debugging - Safari and Chrome Dev Tools. David Wee [ (] will be discussing seamless client-server events to build a full whiteboard Canvas app in under 5 minutes with Dnode-EZ ( . At 9pm, those of us who remain are heading to John Collins at New Montgomery and Minna (