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#JTBD·CPH — Meetup #3


🐦 17.20 - JTBD @

Jaap Gerritsen, Head of Product Strategy at Falcon, will share a bit on how they work with JTBD across the organisation.

🔀 17.40 - Recap from last meetup: Switch Interviews

A quick primer on JTBD, for any newcomers to the group, and then a brief recap of our workshop session on Switch Interviews and the Forces of Progress diagram. (+ the links!)

🍤 17.55 - Snack break

A job to be done has important emotional and social factors. And so does our meetup group :D The group has been growing rapidly, in fact we're the 7th largest JTBD group on here, and this is only the third installment — let's get get to know one another!

🔬18.30 - Intro to Job Mapping

We’re taking a look at another tool this time: the Job Map.
Unlike traditional customer journey mapping, Job Maps are more about the underlying process that doesn’t change. In the words of its creator, Tony Ulwick:

“[…] the aim is to discover what the customer is trying to get done at different points in executing a job and what must happen at each juncture in order for the job to be carried out successfully.”

The Job Map is a central component of Ulwick’s ODI (Outcome-Driven Innovation®) framework, and the timing for our Meetup couldn’t be better, since Ulwick just released an ODI-flavored Jobs-to-be-Done canvas, that serves as a great high-level intro to the framework.

⚒ 18.45 - Group exercise: Job Mapping in practice

We’ll pair up and try working out a Job Map, taking turns in asking questions and breaking down the process: When trying to get a core job done, what matters at each step, and what related jobs might we uncover?

💡 19.30 - Wrap-up, drinks and shared discussions

See you soon!



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