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Julia Gender Inclusive was founded to promote gender diversity and inclusion within the Julia community through a combination of community building, targeted outreach, education, mentorship, and mutual support. In this group, we host online workshops focused on learning Julia, as well as regular networking-based coffee meetings, and a Slack space for answering questions and getting support.

Julia is a high-level programming language quickly gaining popularity for its incredible speed and power combined with its ease of use. This general-use programming language has many applications, but is particularly strong in numeric analysis and computational science applications, making it a growing force on the data science scene.

However, the Julia community is not as diverse as it could be. While the community strives to be welcoming, diverse, and inclusive towards people from all backgrounds, surveys show that we still have a long way to go. This is especially the case for gender diversity: The 2021 Julia User & Developer Survey found that only 4% of respondents identified themselves as women, 1% as non-binary (and other gender information was not collected). However, gender diversity seems to be increasing (https://julialang.org/blog/2021/08/julia-user-developer-survey/).

Our space is created for and centered on those who see their gender as under-represented within the Julia community, including women, non-binary people, trans people of all genders, and people exploring or questioning their gender. Some events may be open to everyone, but please check the event description.

Past events (12)

JuliaCon 2022: Building an inclusive (and fun!) Julia community - Lightning Talk

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JuliaCon 2022: Discussing Gender Diversity in the Julia Community BoF

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Learn Julia with Us: Functions

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Coffee Meeting (online)

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