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Welcome to "Just Us Lesbians" meetup group! The largest lesbian group in San Antonio! A perfect opportunity for lesbians to meet new friends in a fun, safe and welcoming space in the South-Central Texas area. We are social animals, having a social community is healthy, enhances life & contributes to optimal self care. Our goal is to have fun, laugh and grow our community with amazing, down-to-earth women. Social activities include sports, restaurants, game night, movie night, monthly birthday celebration, dancing, outdoor adventures, book club, coffee, biking, kayaking, swimming - you get it, anything you can think of! The more active event organizers, the more events we can have. However, no event shall overlap another. Security and safety are the top priority, so a recent facial profile picture of you is required. We've had men joining by submitting a picture of a female as they watch our activities. How creepy!

RULES & GUIDELINES: Face Mask Required @ specific events, protect yourself per your comfort level. Come out at your own risk!

1. RESPECT: Is always a priority, first and last. This is a private meetup group for Lesbians only, hence the name, we welcome all Lesbians 18+ to join. The rule is: males or straight ladies are not allowed at our hosted events. The only exception: If a straight female or male friend is visiting you from out of town, she/he may come as your guest while in town visiting - members may bring a lesbian guest once to events. Then after, she should join if she wants to return. Kids are not allowed unless event allows or prior clearance with the host. Ladies with kids can attend family events posted, that allow kids.  Ask the organizer if ever in doubt. We follow the principles of love, respect and acceptance.
Respect everyone.

2. Annual MEMBERSHIP: A yearly fee of $5.00 is required every January or at your first event. Fee is based on a calendar year, example, if you join group in mid year, say in June, you pay your $5 fee for the remaining of 6 months. You'll owe your next annual fee in January, regardless! Members who attend their 1st event are required to pay it in Cash to the event organizer. Couples who only have one member on meetup, must still pay $5 for each, if the partner plans on attending more than one event or join the group altogether and still pay the $5. Meetup costs $220 yearly, this helps offset the costs to have this wonderful lesbian community. Bottomline, $5 is required every calendar year by each active member. Yes, even if you just paid in December, you will also pay again in January for that year. Our birthday events costs money providing $5 gift cards, so you're getting free membership. No one is making money, it all goes back into the group.

3. This is NOT A DATING SERVICE: harassment by anyone at any time will be removed Immediately. Please refrain from contacting others with "hookup" intentions on meetup. This is NOT a cybersex website. Members are encouraged to inform Jackie of anything inappropriate or uncomfortable situations at any time. No drama! (If members do not reach out to Jackie, the harassment may continue without the Organizer's knowledge). Such incidents will be addressed by one on one conversation, email and with confidentiality among anyone who reports such incidents.

4. PROFILE PHOTOS: a picture is required on every profile, if a member does not have one posted, they can be removed from this group. Please address any security issues with Jackie.

5. RSVP is VERY IMPORTANT:  If you RSVP, update any changes before an event is to begin. Once an event starts, RSVPS cannot be changed on meetup except by hosts. Please contact hosts so they can make changes in the attendance section of the event. Members will be removed if rules are not followed. If you have a member account, you should not come as a guest to another member unless that member is your partner. We need to know who’s coming to events so we can look for each other and recognize new members/vice versa.  Please change your RSVP if you can’t make it.  It's not right if we're waiting on you and you no show! Two no shows, you're removed from group! First timers are not allowed at specific events unless vetted at a prior event. Once an event starts, your RSVP can't be changed. Try to put a comment in the comment section of the event or attempt to contact hosts.

6. PICTURES: Pictures are taken at each event by event organizers and will be uploaded to Event Albums, Tik Tok videos and our Instagram page by the group administrators. Members are encouraged to take pics to share as well.  It is each member/attendees responsibility to inform those taking pics, they do not wish to be photographed at anytime.  Please take the picture for us or move out of the way.

7. CONTACT INFO: Jackie’s phone number will always be available. Members are asked to provide theirs to get upcoming event info/details via Text messaging, as necessary. However, most info is listed in the description of an event.  If in doubt, ask organizer through direct message of meetup app.  Other event hosts have the option to share their numbers.

8. PRIVACY: Please note only Just Us Lesbians group members are allowed to see event info/details. Security Issues: addresses, apt numbers, gate codes will only be visible to Members or sent by direct message as well.  Please read descriptions so you know how the information will be received.

9. MEMBERS: It's a Privilege to be a part of this group. We reserve the right to remove members for disrespect & disruptive behavior not conducive to good order within the group. Especially, complaining about paying the $5 annual membership fee. If any member is removed for any reason by the Organizer, they are not allowed to attend any Just Us Lesbians event thereafter. Present members are not allowed to bring them as their guests. If this occurs, expect to be removed from the group as well. Five members were removed/banned in 2021, two in 2022 due to disrespect, irresponsible behaviors and causing conflicts within the group. These types of behaviors will not be tolerated!

10. WELCOMING GROUP: We welcome and introduce all new members. This is an inclusive & non-judgmental group for lesbians, all about having fun. No clicks, No favorites & No one's ever left out. We are a bunch of fun ladies bringing out the best in each other. We help each other to be our best selves. We ask questions to get to know you and we share too. This is to help provide connections with similar interests and to enhance our welcoming group. Please don't take offense, we're trying to grow our lesbian community. Please know we have the best interests of each member. We ask for your birthday date, not year to share with to celebrate you and others during our monthly birthday celebration event. If you're not interested, then say so. No issue!

Ladies, If ever in doubt why you are removed from "Just us Lesbians", see 10 rules above. They truly are simple respectful rules, don't make them harder than they are by being difficult.

Event organizers are required and expected to have active events, at least one every 60 days. Event organizers are also required to ask who is new and collect $5 membership fees, take pictures at events, upload to the event or send to Jackie for collages or videos for Instagram and Tik Tok, update attendees RSVPs to Not Attended and message them to remind them of our rules. No event shall overlap another. If you can’t comply, your event organizer status will be removed, changed back to member only. No single event organizer owns happy hours, a sporting or dinner events etc. Bottomline, we need numerous and varied events to stay active, continue to socialize and grow our strong, united/healthy group! Any continued ignoring of basic rules of the group will definitely be cause for removal of group with no notice. No politics, religion or Hot Topics which would cause discord. Respect and adherence goes both ways.

Meet your next friends, best friend, girllllllll friend, or your lesbian community for life as we grow in beautiful San Antonio, TX. Thank you ladies!

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