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Upcoming events (2)

Kafka and lakeFS: Deep Dive into Data Infrastructure

899 W Evelyn Ave

Join us for an Apache Kafka® meetup featuring our friends from lakeFS on February 16th at 6 pm PDT. lakeFS is an open-source data version control tool that transforms object storage into Git-like repositories, offering teams a way to use the same workflows for code and data. To find out when the event is in your time zone, click the WorldTimeBuddy link.

Find the agenda and speaker information below. Join the Community Slack and Forum to ask any follow-up questions!

Agenda in Pacific Daylight Time:
6:00 pm - 6:20 pm: Networking
6:20 pm - 6:50 pm: Vinodhini SD, Developer Advocate at lakeFS
6:50 pm - 7:20 pm: Lucia Cerchie, Developer Advocate at Confluent
7:20 pm - 7:45 pm: Additional Q&A & Networking

Talk 1:
Forget ETL or ELT or EtLT. Are you doing this T(esting), right?

Vinodhini SD, Developer Advocate at lakeFS

A property of ETL or ELT or EtLT pipelines one might observe is that they rarely stay still. Instead, there are near-constant updates to some aspect of the infrastructure they run on, or in the logic they use to transform data. To efficiently apply the necessary changes to a pipeline requires running it parallel to production to test the effect of a change. Most data engineers would agree that the best way to do this is far from a solved problem.

ETL testing requires a data-centric testing approach as opposed to software application testing. To effectively run ETL tests with high test coverage, we need production-like data. However, copying part or all of the prod data outside of the production environment is a high-risk play.

Enter lakeFS! You can build a comprehensive ETL testing strategy using the open-source data versioning engine – lakeFS. lakeFS allows zero-copy cloning of prod data into a test data environment through a git-like interface.

In this session, you will learn how to use lakeFS to quickly set up a dev/test data environment and to build a bulletproof ETL/ELT/EtLT testing strategy.

Talk 2:
Let's Get Started With Apache Kafka

Lucia Cerchie, Developer Advocate at Confluent

Over a third of respondents to a StackOverflow survey professed to a dread of learning Apache Kafka. Nevertheless, with a curious mindset and the right resources, we have the tools to succeed in learning Kafka. Take the plunge with me; together, we will conquer concepts like events and topics, producers, and consumers.

We'll gain confidence through learning about partitions and brokers and how to use Kafka in the cloud. We'll go over the different configurations for producers and consumers, and how these configurations affect application behavior. Then, accompany me on a code walkthrough and see how we build and run producers and consumers in Python with the Kafka-python client.

You'll be leaving with a spark of excitement, knowing you have neutralized your dread, and that you are now firmly within the two-thirds of StackOverflow respondents who are comfortable learning Apache Kafka.

Listen to the latest episode of Streaming Audio to hear how lakeFS can be used together with Apache Kafka - https://developer.confluent.io/podcast/git-for-data-managing-data-like-code-with-lakefs/.

If you are interested in speaking or hosting our next event, please notify us by completing this short form:https://rb.gy/kx7pqh.

Bay Area Hack Night

899 W Evelyn Ave

Programming is fun. Why does the sprint treadmill make us forget that?
Learning new skills is rewarding. When do you carve out the time for it?
Hanging out with other coders is good for the soul. Has the pandemic stopped us from doing that?

We have the answer.

On Saturday, February 25th, join us at Confluent Headquarters in Mountain View for a new kind of Meetup where like-minded hackers get together, write code, pick up new skills, enjoy some network, and build fun things––just for the heck of it!

Doors open from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. There will be pizza and beverages.

Q. What will the event be like?
A. Informal. Think games-night atmosphere and geeky content.

Q. What’s the format?
A. We’ll show up with a list of fun things we can code in ~90 minutes. At kick-off, everyone will vote for the best idea, split into small teams by language, hack furiously for 90 minutes and end with a show & tell. You’ll learn something, you’ll teach something, and you’ll meet some like-minded people.

Q. Is this hacking as in, "Doing fun things with computers," or hacking as in, "breaking into secure systems?"
A. The first one. No firewalls will be harmed during this event. ;-)

Q. Is this suitable for beginners, experts, or what?
A. Any level is welcome. Each team will have a mix of experiences. It’s a great opportunity to learn from an expert or to teach someone some of your skills.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. A laptop and a YOLO attitude to coding. Actually the laptop’s optional - you can always pair on someone else’s.

Q. Which programming language can I use/what team can I join?
A. Literally any. There will be experienced teams for Java, Python, JavaScript, and Haskell. Probably more. Join them or start your own team in your favorite language.

Q. Will there be food/drinks?
A. Yes. Confluent will be sponsoring and providing pizza and a selection of refreshing beverages.

Q. Is this an Apache Kafka® event?
A. No. Confluent (Kafka-y people) is hosting and sponsoring, but it's not a Kafka event. It’s a technical free-for-all. Use what interests you.

Q. Will we have to use Apache Kafka?
A. It’s entirely optional. We’ll provide a few coding problems/projects that could use Kafka, but it won’t be required.

Q. Is there a Code of Conduct?
A. Yes. We have a Code of Conduct that all attendees are required to comply with. The short version is, to make everyone feel welcome and you will be welcome. Fail and you’ll be asked to leave.


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