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What we’re about

Everyone loves a good Startup story! From our experience and our networks we've built, we know the importance of sharing these stories - the good, the bad and the ugly. We also know the magic that happens when a group of energised people get in a room together and share ideas. 

We're passionate about growing our community of Kapiti innovators, and we think there is a need to create a local startup (and business growth) support network here. So if you want to talk about Startups, Tech and the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle - and share thoughts around how to start up, what works, investment tips, lean startup thinking and the right steps to get your business off the ground (or expand) then you've found the right group. 

So come along, learn something new, share your story and meet people like you! Over time, we'll offer a mix of interesting and engaging speakers, tailored around what our meetup group wants to hear. This'll include successful founders and also failures; lessons on finance, legal issues, tech, marketing, sales, investment and working with people.

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