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Meet other local Paddlers to talk about kayak gear, local rivers and creeks, and to plan river trips. Kayakers of all levels are welcome! Must have your own kayak.

One important change: a $5 fee. In order to cover some of the costs of being on Meetup, we will collect a $5 fee (cash only) from each individual the first (repeat – FIRST) time that you paddle with this group this year. Subsequent outings with the group will be free. The fee should be given to the event organizer (Sandy, Becky, Bonnie, Gary, Kris, or Tracey).

Please note that this group is strictly for kayaking and canoeing. Unsolicited messaging members, etc. willl not be tolerated. Members abusing the Meetup app will be blocked from the group.

Covid-19: 2021 looks so much better than 2020. We still are learning about the transmissibility of Covid and its variants. Consequently, I think we should continue to use masks on land. Once on the water, masks are no longer necessary. Back on shore, the masks should go on.

Limits on number of participants: There will be a limit for each event. If you sign up and then are unable to come, please cancel your signup as soon as possible to make a space available for another person.

Equipment: a PFD [personal flotation device] is required. We expect participants to wear it, not to just have it available somewhere in the kayak. Most of our events will be on flat water, so a recreational kayak is fine. We also recommend a change of clothes. None of us plan to go “swimming” while kayaking; most of us have gone “swimming”. Dry clothes make the ride home a lot more pleasant.

Staying with the group: We do not leave anybody behind. We also expect the group to stay together. In general, we should not be spread out over more than half of a football field. If we are paddling across a river or lake, we need to cross as a group. If part of the group wants to explore or move out at a faster pace, please notify the coordinator so that he or she knows how many are left in the main group.

Dues Structure “$5 and Done”: There is a fee for the Meetup site. To cover that fee, each member is asked to pay $5 cash at the first event the member attends. Attendance at subsequent events for that calendar year will not have a fee.

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Jamesville Reservoir North End

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Mercer Park

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Old Erie Canal, Pools Brook Park

Kasoag Lake

Kasoag Lake Boat Launch

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