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Full Moon (almost) Kayaking on Cherokee Marsh

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For 2010 we have established Thursday Night Kayaking & Canoe Training events. Every Thursday night we will be putting in at various parks around the Madison area. We will paddle up to couple of hours and then break. Events are for beginners and intermediate skilled paddlers, giving you an opportunity to strengthen your skills for longer events that normally take place on weekends. I’ve found good maps of the waterways in and around Madison. And, I’ll be referring to launching points based on these maps. The maps are found at (http://www.capitolwat... ( I personally have not been to most of these locations but will scout them prior to scheduling. If you have a favorite spot, give me a call or e-mail. Our first concern for Thursday night is safety (calm water/low wind), ease of access, and a scenic area. We want to be on the water for about 1-2 hours.

This weeks event will launch and exit at my home, 1109 Menomonie Lane, Madison 53704. By launching at my home we can stay out as long as we want, but based on last month moonlight outing we will probably exit at approximately 9:00pm.

After we paddle the creek to Cherokee Marsh we are turning South and heading to the Nautigale Restaurant and Marina. There we will tie up at the shore and commandeer a picnic table. Lemonades are $1.50 with free refills. And, the bean bag horseshoe pits are free. Yes you can order food. The picnic tables on the lawn are beautiful and overlook the marina. After our break we will paddle back to the mouth of the creek and watch the moon come up.

PS. You don't need lights but if you have a bicycle flasher or flashlight bring it along. Unless it is cloudy the moon provides plenty of light to see. And, there are no powerboats at night.

This agenda meets our Thursday night criteria, and will give us experience on a lightly traveled (and very safe) creek and lake paddling. The only portage involved is from my front yard to the creek in the back yard. I'll have the driveway cleared (I'll mark it with an American Flag/orange pylon) so all you have to do is pull in and we will help you unload your kayak and portage it to the back yard. After unloading you must park on the street so others may use the driveway. Our home has a bathroom off the laundry room and we have a fire pit in the backyard.

No shuttle service is needed for this event. YEA!

If poor weather is forecasted, I’ll post a cancellation notice at 5:00pm on Thursday. Excellent weather updates can be found here (

Please remember to bring an extra set of clothes, gloves, hat, shoes, life vest, eye wear, flashlight, fluids, snacks, and any other safety equipment needed. Put your phone and camera in a watertight bags as they don’t work well when wet. I’ll have a phone along for safety purposes. Please let me know if you cannot swim or are a poor swimmer or have any physical handicaps. Well-behaved children are welcome.

There are no rentals. It's warming up, remember your fluids. We can stay out till very late. Drinking is permitted in my back yard, loud noise is not.

Now that the weather is nicer, let's make this a fun night to remember. You may exit the Marsh at any time as this is a school and work night.

Ron Inda...245-0836


  • Ron I.

    We hit a perfect night for being on the water. And, no bugs! We stopped off at the Nautigale for some lemonade and iced tea. And, to our surprise, there was a live band playing. Our table was a little close to the band which made it somewhat difficult to converse but we did OK. There was a little stretch under HWY 113 where the water was running quickly from the heavy rains but we all paddled crazily and slowly made it back to the still waters of Cherokee Marsh.

    7 years ago
  • Ron I.

    The moon did not disappoint. It was up and bright and guided us back to our exit point. We will be doing this route again later in July when the moon is full. Hope you join us. PS the lemonade and ice tea were $1.50 with free refills...a bargain and so good after paddling, and it even came with a band.

    7 years ago