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its always a good day to make new friends. tired of kayaking alone? want to learn new skills? or if you are interested in trying kayaking to see if you will fall in love with adventure on the liquid sky--come and join us.

we offer instruction,companionship,our knowledge of the local waters. its the " no such thing as a free lunch" you heard there is no such thing as...yes its free, all we ask is good company with the spirit of adventure.

75% of the earth is covered with water,why not use it?

life is short, get out from behind the desk or the wheel or the tv and and enjoy life. feel the peace of a quite lake or join us running the waves of the sound,perhaps a little white water,

levels for everyone,and its great exersize.

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the great swamp paddle!

Green Chimneys

the air is getting warmer but the water is still cold..the kayaks are stirring, awakening from their winters sleep, they want to glide across the liquid skies, they want to get wet, but we humans should know better. we must be reasonable, we must decide, sooooo. if the weather is fair, the skies are clear, we have and will use a drysuit or at least a wetsuit then we can head for the great swamp. Heed the cold shock:hyperthermia warning. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ykJf36ddGsIbdx2xH7s54tgx_l6Qbvsu/view?usp=sharing my cell[masked] Forget the fence----WE LAUNCH

Basha kill in the spring

Basha Kill Wildlife Refuge

Spring launch on the Basha Kill wild life marsh. we can take a little trip to Wurtsboro NY it might be a bit of a drive but it looks like a really good place for us, and for many, a new place to explore. remember ya gotta dress for the water not the air soooo you need a wet suit with long sleeve rash guard or a dry suit. bring a change of clothes---jest in case and something for a snack. we can go out after we return for some libations and victuals. my cell, if needed[masked] if Saturday is no good we can change to Sunday. BUT ONLY IF THE WEATHER IS BAD!!!! sometimes you have to put in a bit of effort to do something that is really fun, or you can just go to the mall to get some shopping done like the masses. What would Ragnar do?

Kayak Rolling Clinic - Indoor Heated Pool

The Culinary Institute of America


Kayak Rolling Clinic Overcome the urge to wet exit in the event of a capsize, add to your skill set and learn to roll your kayak in a controlled setting. A bomb-proof roll is a fundamental skill for the whitewater boater and a great confidence booster for the sea kayaker encountering rough water conditions. Following the skill building approach, each participant will learn and practice proper wet exit techniques. Types of rolls introduced will include the C-to-C and Sweep. The elements of each roll will be introduced and practiced in a progressive approach: the setup (getting into position to begin the roll); the support phase (using a paddle, hands or float for support on the water) and; the hip snap (bringing the boat underneath you to sit upright and completing the roll). This skill can be accomplished using a properly outfitted whitewater or sea kayak. The warm and clear waters in a pool provide for a great learning space. See you on the water, When reserving please provide some information as to the type of kayak you usually use, if I need to provide equipment for you and a good phone number to reach you at. Marshall The River Connection, Inc. 9 W. Market St. Hyde Park, NY [masked] http://www.the-river-connection.com hudsonriverpaddler.org

Paddler's Pool Practice

The Culinary Institute of America


Dust off the snow & bring your kayak or canoe and brush up on your paddling skills at a Pool Practice. The warm and clear waters in a pool provide for a great learning space. Practice rescues, wet exits, rolling, maneuvering. Keep your skill set current and pick up some new ones with the American Canoe Association certified Instructors of the River Connection. We consider pool sessions a Paddling Skills Continuing Education Program – bring your gear and let us help your skills develop with critical eye evaluations. This is a BYOBoat, paddle and personal floatation device event. Please call ahead for additional instructions and clothing requirements, thanks. See you on the water, Marshall The River Connection, Inc. Hyde Park, NY http://www.the-river-connection.com hudsonriverpaddler.org

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2019 LIQUID SKIES Spring Meeting

Putnam County Fish & Game Association

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