What we're about

Kansas City Barbeque Club is a social group for barbeque lovers all across Kansas City to get-together at local BBQ joints to eat KC 'Que, drink, laugh and have a good time.

All members are welcome and encouraged to recommend their favorite spots to be added to the calendar - If you would like to host BBQ get-togethers, just let us know!

Check out all the BBQ joints we've visited & all the joints suggested by our members - https://www.kcbbqclub.com/map (https://www.kcdogclub.com/map)

Why the Q? The biggest barbeque organization in the world spells it with a Q - Kansas City Barbeque Society. Who are we to argue?


What it takes to be in the KC BBQ Club... It's pretty simple. Most of this is common sense for most people...

• Upload a profile photo that is a clear closeup shot of your face from the front with you looking at the camera with no obstructions, no sunglasses and you are the only person in the photo. We meet in-real-life, so we need to know who to look for

• Use your real first name on your profile. You're joining this group to hang out with people and make friends - we need to know your name if we're all going to be friends

• Show up on time when you mark yourself as "Going" to a get-together. It's rude to make the whole group wait for you

• Only RSVP as GOING if you are 100% absolutely positive you can make it to a get-together. Do not RSVP GOING as a placeholder until you decide if you can/want to go. We limit our events to 10 attendees, so we can have real discussions. Be respectful and don't take a spot that you may not use

• Don't be a no-show. If you RSVP as GOING, then no-show, you will be removed from the group. Being a no-show is disrespectful to all group members

• Participate in conversation online in the group and with other members at get-togethers - not just with the group organizer or get-together host. The whole point of this group is to get-together to talk 'que and make friends

• Members may bring 1 guest to get-togethers, just add them as a +1 when you RSVP, but leave the kids at home. This is a group for adults 21+

• Members must honor the get-together RSVP limit & guest limit. Do not "just show up" or bring guests when the get-together has an attendee limit. Some get-togethers will have a reservation at the restaurant and we must honor the limit

• The group is limited to 50 members. Each month, the organizer will remove inactive members and approve new members from the waiting list. To remain active, join us for BBQ get-togethers, participate in conversations online and in-person, share your BBQ photos, honor your RSVP, don't change your RSVP to Not Going with little or no notice

• If you bring a guest to a BBQ get-together, then they decide to join the group, they will be bumped to the top of the wait-list


Cost of Participation

• Kansas City Barbeque Club is a free group - but this group may become something much larger and much more exciting, so there is a possibility of it becoming a membership fee based group at some point

• Members must purchase their own food and beverages at Kansas City Barbeque Club get-togethers

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