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What we’re about

Suburban, Urban, Rural Homesteaders & Emergency Preppers

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We will be organizing the topics around the concept of "self-reliance" which includes the lost skills of the Homesteader and also the Prepper skills that are needed in an emergency (natural disaster or economic collapse).

Self-Reliant Topics will include:

make your own homemade goods, garden/compost, raise chickens, alternative energy, alternative community communication, self-defense and first aid, home-healthcare, basic sewing skills, construction skills, water filtration and food storage, etc.

The goal is to bring these skills into back into use inside of suburbia and urbia.

This group is for Do It Yourselfers who don't remember how to do much of anything .... but want to re-learn.

The skills required for "homesteading/prepping" have been lost in just a few short generations. Your great-grandmother likely knew how to can, sew, garden, raise chickens, basic first aid and self-healthcare,  and a slew of other useful skills.

You and I know how to sit at computers, make money, spend money, drive cars, and in general, have Mastered the Art of Knowing How to Do Nothing Practical.

Let's get together to change that.

Each of us wanna-be's knows at least one practical skill. Let's get together to teach that skill to the group so that gradually, we all re-learn what we all collectively have forgotten.