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What we’re about

KPLUG is San Diego's oldest LUG. With monthly meetings, excellent presentations, very friendly and helpful mailing lists and IRC channel, KPLUG is the place to be for Linux learning and socializing.

Currently, besides meetings the main way members discuss topics is on our mail list. Members can self-subscribe to the mail list at the following page

A newer alternate online forum has also been created at Discord. Although you can download, extract and install the tar.gz to work with your favorite IRC client, I recommend new Users to simply use the following invite link. If the link is somehow faulty, at the very least it should get you to our San Diego Computer Society forum once you've set up your account.

There seems to be little overlap between the two online ways for members to discuss topics, so members are encouraged to subscribe to both.

Should anyone have problems with either of the above, try the other and you can ask for help. If you are unable to succeed at both, then you are invited to simply show up at a meeting where people will be available.

You may also find useful information on an older, unmaintained website which also contains an IRC link

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