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What we’re about

“You are one connection away from being able to change your life.” Think about that. Whatever it is you want in life, someone has or will be able to get for you. Knowledge, power, love, “stuff”… someone has it. You just have to figure out how you can help them get what they want in return for getting what you want. And that's what this group is about - Networking with others and seeing how we can help each other out.

Key Concept Networking is simply that... a Business Networking group focused on breaking things down to simple key concepts to help you understand things better, see things differently, and grow and develop. We are looking for members who are have or are looking to start their own business. You might have questions or you might have answers. If you come from a standpoint of giving and helping this group grow, you're welcome to attend.

We get together for a Networking Lunch EVERY Wednesday around Noon in Schaumburg. These Meetups are FREE - except you pay for your own lunch (Please make sure you cover tax and tip as well!). This is a very informal OPEN networking Lunch. We will also have other events, special guest speakers, and trainings all focused on building your business and mindset. You WILL be invited to take a look at other businesses which are members are a part of and in return, we'll look at yours. You will not be forced or coerced into joining anything though and anyone who gives business and networkers a bad name - you know who you are (if not, we'll tell you) - are not welcome. We are here in a spirit of sharing, not forcing.

Napoleon Hill, Author of the world renowned book entitled Think And Grow Rich says, “No individual has sufficient experience, education, native ability, and knowledge to insure the accumulation of a great fortune, without the cooperation of other people.” Find the right people and you will be able to achieve everything you've dreamed about. Are you the right person? Join our group. Attend our meetups and network with us. We are looking for like minded individuals to share ideas, do joint ventures, work together in business and life.

The game called “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon” is a game that says that any actor can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon. Imagine if in your industry, that everyone you ever needed was only 6 phone calls away. How much more could you accomplish? How much more could you achieve? At Key Concept Networking, we're looking to build that network of individuals - individuals who know can help each other accomplish goals, fulfill dreams, and manifest visions.  

And while it’s great to meet a lot of people, we're focused on building lasting relationships with the right people.  We are a NON-Exclusive group, so everyone is welcome.

The most successful people I know have a huge network of friends who they can call up at any time and get something done. At Key Concept Networking, we've got a great start of a network and we want to add you to it. You can help us build this network by referring others as well. And when you network with others and you talk to them, or “bounce” ideas off of them, often times, you will come up with thoughts which you would never have discovered by yourself.

Together, we will find an answer. So join us now.

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