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Social Kickball for Adults! Baltimore's most popular Kickball League since 2001! Play with your current friends or meet new friends. Coors Light and Kickball go great together. Leagues are on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Canton, Federal Hill and Catonsville. We have leagues in the spring, summer and fall. We have teams that need players for the spring season so register today!

Join us to stay up to date on kickball events, leagues, pick up kickball games, and tournaments happening in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Learn more here: KLOB (http://www.kickball-baltimore.com/)

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Let's shoot friends (great event for paintball newbies) social distance friendly

This event is perfect for social distancing, and you have to wear a mask to play anyway. Ok before you go any further open up your calendar, I can wait....... Ok, please write down this event in your calendar after you RSVP so you won't forget you registered a month from now :) This is a great way to unwind from a long work week and make new friends, and get back at your enemies. There are six different fields including the popular capture the castle scenario. We will have our own ref for the day, and we have a group discount that is posted below. So put on your balky old sweats and sweat shirt and come out and play an afternoon of paintball with friends. Please remember to wear long pants, and shirt, and bring a change of clothing so you don't get paint in your car. Paint will wash off of your clothing. Information on a carpool from Whitemarsh to follow. Very Important: Bring CASH with you to pay for the event. www.robinhoodpaintball.net (http://www.robinhoodpaintball.net/) Rental Price: $18 - includes Field Fee, Gun Rental, Goggles, and All Day Air Paint - They sell the paintballs by the case, and people will pair with each other to purchase a case, and then split them, there are about 2000 balls in a case, and give discounts if we buy multiples ones.

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