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What we’re about

Kingdom Connect was Kerry's first professional Meetup group) that was created to allow those who live in the Kerry area to socialize and do so through different social settings all over the county of Kerry. Social integration is vital for our well-being. This concept and the desire to bring people across Kerry together helped the actualization of Kingdom Connect. 
Kerry is an area of Ireland affected by emigration in recent years, so now more than ever, we need to broaden our social circles. Between 2011 and 2016, our population of people aged 20 - 30 years old fell by 3,507. This is a higher number than the total population of either Kenmare or Castleisland town. This group provides the opportunity to meet new friends in a relaxed, friendly environment. 
We host coffee/lunch events, meal nights, cinema evenings, traditional live music events, concerts, walks, and visits to heritage sites. County Kerry’s Irish motto, “Comhar, Cabhair, Cairdeas,” translates to “Cooperation, Help, and Friendship.”This is the ethos of the group.We feel happy when we are socially connected so let's "connect our Kingdom" All age groups are welcome (over 18s)  A clear Photograph of the face on the Profile is MANDATORY to Join. Removing profile pictures anytime after being accepted into the group will create a security breach and you will be removed from the group. \

Ongoing Interaction/Attendance is MANDATORY to remain a member of the group. \


Any harassment of members or the organizer will result in removal from the group. \

The group works on a local basis and needs members to commit to one local group, not several. If you choose to join this group exclusively, you will be accepted. I, the organizer, would like to ask those who join the group to please respect all members of Kingdom Connect. I have created this group from scratch, and all of the time spent hosting events, travelling to different locations, marketing/advertising/meeting premises owners is done voluntarily and at my own cost. Please appreciate the time and hard work that goes into this.\


A demerit system is in place regarding last-minute cancellations for all meal events and not turning up to events without contacting the organizer. \

2 demerits will result in a member being removed from the group.