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What we’re about

This Meetup group will give us a chance to meet and hike with our fellow hikers from Nashville and Chattanooga as we will do a lot of hiking in the Cumberland Plateau and Cumberland Mountains which are between Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga. Most of these hikes will be long day trips but are very awarding hikes.

We will also do hikes in the Smoky Mountains as well as longer hikes that involve overnights. These hikes are from anywhere from from Red River gorge to the Rocky Mountains or anywhere there are good hikes that the group would like to hike.

We will try to plan to go to different National Parks across the country on hiking trips.

In addition to hiking we will be open to all kinds of outdoor activities from kayaking, biking, horseback riding, sitting around a fire, camping, caving, having a picnic, listening to live music outside, rock climbing or pretty much anything that is outdoors. We may also have some social activities as well such as dinners or other activities that will help us all get to know each other.

We are always looking for people who are will to host meetups and I am always willing to help you organize your first few meetup events so let me know if you would like to be an Event Organizer

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