Kill the Elevator Speech NOW : The Art of Connecting with People & Building

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Business people everywhere are taught you need an “elevator speech” just as much as you need a business card, a website, and air to breathe in order to be successful.

But imagine you're at a networking event.

NO ONE likes to give those canned elevator speeches, and NO ONE likes to hear them because they’re usually full of blah, blah, blah meaningless marketing drivel, and feel so contrived - yuck!

The fact is research shows even the most well-crafted and best-delivered elevator speeches don’t work to bring in new business. And they completely fall flat on establishing a new business relationship.

Join us for this upcoming event as our guest speaker, Felicia Slattery M.A., M.Ad.Ed. shares how the to introduce your business to others without sounding canned or unnatural.

Felicia is the best-selling author of “Kill the Elevator Speech,” “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking,” and the upcoming “REAL Relationship Challenge,”

She is on a mission to motivate, inspire and train experts, smart business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities to help them connect with people on a human level, build relationships from the stage, online and beyond to live their best lives serving others with the gifts God has given them.

She is also the creator of the Signature Speech™ system and co-creator of Signature Speech & Webinar Wizard as well as an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning speaker. She has been featured in Success Magazine, CEO Magazine, Inc. magazine, and more, as well as NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC, CNN, and others for her expertise.

Join us for this fun, interactive and engaging presentation, where you will discover:

• The 3 main reasons why the “elevator speech” doesn’t work anymore for business (if it ever did!).

• If not an “elevator speech” then what? How to craft a winning introduction.

• The only 5 words you need, to short-cut the relationship-building, and get to the know-like-and-trust part right away – without sounding canned or unnatural.

You'll leave with immediately actionable content that will help you feel more confident when you meet anyone (and is easy to do - even for introverts!).

Hope you can join us!