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Welcome to Kong! We are so happy you are joining our Kong global community!

This group is for everyone who is interested to learn more about APIs, microservices, Kubernetes, service mesh, and more. We are best known as the creator and primary supporter of Kong, the most widely adopted open-source Microservice API gateway.

- Become a community organizer -
We are always on the look for awesome community members to lead our user groups. The community organizer’s role is crucial to the success and vitality of Kong’s community. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at: meetups@konghq.com

- Speak at a Meetup -
We always want to hear from our community members about their awesome use cases! You can do a short talk of 15/20mins or a detailed technical presentation of 25/45min. Our team is happy to guide you through the process and help you with the presentation. And of course, all our community speakers get awesome swag! Apply to speak here: https://bit.ly/3JMA9Ws

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All of our community events are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. From User Calls, to tutorials, technical deep dives, we have it all! Subscribe now: https://www.youtube.com/c/KongInc

- Learn more about Kong -
Kong community - https://konghq.com/community
Kong Champions - https://konghq.com/kong-champions Our champions are frequent contributors who play a key part in Kong’s community. Are you a Kong Champion? Apply today!

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Chaos Engineering: Why Break Things on Purpose?

Network event

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In our next Kong Builders Livestream, Andrew Kew from QuadCorps Ltd is joining us to tell us more about the topic of Chaos Engineering.

With the move to distributed cloud architectures, it’s becoming more important to ensure that our platforms are designed for failure and that they behave the way we expect in these failure events.

Enter chaos engineering! The practice of injecting controlled failures into your system and then observing how it responds to the experiment. Join this talk where we will discuss the history of chaos engineering, why running regular chaos engineering experiments is important, and how you can incorporate this into your current CI/CD pipelines.

We will then apply this practice in a demo of a simple failure scenario in Kuma. The failure event will be injected using a chaos engineer tool called ChaosMesh.

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Discover the New Plugins in Kong Gateway 3.1

Network event

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Kong Gateway 3.1 includes several new plugins, forming our most powerful plugin ecosystem yet and with an enhanced functionality for a few existing plugins.

For our last User Call for 2022, Gang Guo (Product Manager, Kong) and Syed Mahmood (Sr Director Product Marketing, Kong), will deep dive into the following new plugins:

- AppDynamics
- JWE Decryption
- OpenAPI Specification (OAS) validation
- XML Threat Protection

What's more, we introduced an enhancement into:

- Mock plugin
- Forward proxy plugin

We look forward to seeing you at our December User Call!

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WebAssembly in Kong using WasmX

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