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What we’re about

MA Korean Language Group is open to anybody in the greater Boston area who is interested in the Korean language and culture. While this group is intended for learning Korean, we have speakers of other Asian languages, such as Chinese and Japanese too. Our meeting is truly multi-cultural, with conversation happening in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. If you speak one of these languages and if you are interested in the Korean language and culture, we are positive that you will have fun in this group. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! 


MA Korean Language Group mission statement, policies and rules 

MA Korean Language Group is open to anybody who is interested in the Korean language and culture. The mission of this group is to provide members with fun and safe environment to meet people with the same interest. All activities in this group are done on a not-for-profit basis. We intend to keep this group as open and casual as possible. Therefore, we restrict our group policies and rules to the following very basic ones. 

How to apply for membership
To be a member, you will need to go to the Korean Meetup page, create a profile and introduce yourself. Your request will be reviewed by a Meetup organizer. If you are approved, you will have access to use the site.

No solicitation
This group engages in not-for-profit meetings and activities with the sole intention of promoting friendship and cultural/ linguistic exchange between participating members. Any commercial activity or solicitation within the group is strictly prohibited. With exceptions of collecting the actual cost of food/beverages incurred in the meetings and any voluntary contributions made to the management of the group, no fees shall be collected from the members. 

When meetings are held 
Regular meetings are generally held weekly, on Friday evenings, at a location announced only to the members registered on the Meetup® website. The Friday meetings are open to all members of the group, and their guests. There are also occasional spin-off dinners, Noraebang, BBQ parties, excursions, movie nights, etc. 

How we view RSVPs
Members are strongly encouraged to RSVP for the Friday meetings. RSVP is mandatory for spin-off meetings. Due to space limitation, events are capped to a certain number of people, with a waiting list. Members are asked to update their RSVP if their plans change. No-shows will be deprioritized in future events and automatically moved to the waiting list. We want everyone who is truly interested in attending our events to have equal opportunity in going. Holding a spot “just in case” isn’t cool. 

Be Respectful
Respecting people's time, attention, personal choices, and personal boundaries is essential to creating safe and trusting communities. Be respectful in your interactions with members and in content posted on the platform. Event organizers will monitor and restrict behaviors that are dishonest, undermine the integrity of the group, violate personal boundaries, or serve to intentionally upset people.

MA Korean Language & Culture has the right to warn, suspend, or disqualify any member if our group policies and rules are not followed. 

Message Respectfully
Any content sent privately to a member that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional, or repetitive is spam, which is not allowed.

Honor Requests for Distance
If you are blocked, you’re blocked. Members must accept and respect any member's decision to block a member from contacting them. 

Members should also accept and respect the organizer’s decision to ban a member from a group. Creating new (fake) accounts to circumvent block or ban decisions is strictly prohibited.

“No” Really Means No: Special note about Harassment for Ladies and Men
Consent is defined here as welcomed communications and actions to socially engage with a member. Engaging with anyone in a non-consensual way is strictly prohibited. If ever in doubt, ask for permission to engage further.

We ask all members to exercise common sense when interacting with other meetup members. We understand that given our carefree social environment, there is the tendency to willingly and freely exchange personal contact information. 

However, we strongly encourage all of you to stop and think before giving someone your KakaoTalk ID or phone number. If it is not someone you feel comfortable with, tell them “As a general rule, I don’t hand out my contact information to people I just met.” It’s simple. It’s fair. And it’s polite.

If someone does not respect your verbal (or written) expressed wishes to not be contacted, or to not give out your personal information... PLEASE TELL AN ORGANIZER IMMEDIATELY! We want all of you to have a good time and to also be safe.

Lastly, this Meetup is not a singles matchmaking service. We understand that we are all human adults and occasionally the interest for more connection happens. Love is a beautiful thing. However, we will not tolerate any sexual harassment, which includes non-consensual, unwelcome attempts at physical touching; cajoling, seduction, coercion, and manipulation with the intent to get romantic and/or sexual favors. 

As you can see above, the policies and rules of this group assumes we all have common sense. 

Simply put, the rules are; 

1. Introduce yourself when you join the group. 
2. Do not use the group to make money. 
3. Regular meetings are held every Friday night. 
4. Act respectfully to other members. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

MA Korean Language Group Leadership Team