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What we’re about

Back in July 2022, I created this group to help facilitate Korean speakers and English speakers to talk and learn from each other across all levels. My goal was to create a similar close-knit group as I had when I was in LA. As of now (April 2023), we have grown to 300+ and more with additional organizers volunteering their time. There are a few things I want to clarify and maintain as the purpose of the group that we do not want to die for the culture of the group as we continue to get bigger:


  • Using Language to make lifelong friends


  • Emotional safety
  • Help make genuine connections
  • Walk away with at least a friend that makes you feel at home

Because of the size of the group, there will be some process changes to keep the events smoother and reduce the toll on the organizers as our group has grown significantly. If people are unaware, organizers also have to pay money to to keep the group up and running and volunteer their time. Starting August 1, 2023, please review the process changes here on the message board.

TL;DR: We will no longer do an attendee list on a first come basis but by multiple factors based on members' activity within the group. Here is the list of Paid Patrons.

If people are not aware, meetup charges the organizer a monthly fee to run the meetup. Collected optional membership fees will be used to pay monthly meetup fees charged by

For those who are looking for resources to improve your Korean based on your preferences: click here

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