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Korean/English Language Exchange 영어/한국어 언어 교환 모임
This meetup is for both our Korean/English Language Exchange 영어/한국어 언어 교환 모임. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME 약속 시간을 지켜주세요. Do not pay attention to the RSVP, there will be A LOT MORE people in attendance through our Korean language program. KOREAN/ENGLISH LANGUAGE EXCHANGE 영어/한국어 언어교환 대화연습 모임. OC에서 새로운 친구와 사귀면서 영어를 연습하고 한국어를 가르칠 수 있는 모임이 있습니다. 미국사람을 포함해 여러 나라 사람이 참가합니다. 처음 오시는 멤버는 대환영. Open to anyone with some amount of Korean speaking proficiency. You don't have to be that great, but should know some basics. This is designed for Korean learners who want to have a Korean language dialogue with Native Korean speakers, but are also willing to spend time speaking English in order to help Native Korean speakers practice their English. This will be well suited for anyone who wants to tighten up their Korean. The key thing is that you are also willing to help native Korean speakers practice their English. ****PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME 약속 시간을 지켜주세요***** SAMPLE SCHEDULE FOR LANGUAGE EXCHANGE 모임 순서: • 7:00: INTRODUCTION (Korean/English) and assigning of groups 자기 소개/그룹 편성 15분 • 7:15: ENGLISH (30분 영어말) • 7:45: KOREAN (30분 한국말) • 8:15-8:50: Free Conversation English/Korean • 8:50: Announcements/Clean-up/Departure WE MUST BE OUT OF THE ROOM NO LATER THAN 8:55 9:00 EVERYONE (all levels, all tracks): Social Time (Optional) 2차 친교 시간 (선택의) Location to be decided by attendees. Discussion Topics: Discussion topics will try to be uploaded every weekend before the next Meetup. There will be one beginner topic and one advanced topic with a few talking points to get the group conversations started. Your group will choose one topic and discuss that topic in English. Then discuss that same topic but in Korean. 토론 주제는 다음 만남 전에 주말마다 업로드하려고합니다. 한 초보자 주제 및 그룹 대화를 시작하는 몇 가지 이야기 점과 하나의 고급 주제있을 것입니다. 그룹은 하나의 주제를 선택하고 영어로 그 주제에 대해 대화합니다. 그런 다음 같은 주제하지만 한국어로 대화합니다.

Heritage Park Community Center, Irvine

14301 Yale · Irvine, CA

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This Meetup is for anyone: interested in learning the Korean language, in the process of learning, or who are already fluent in Korean. This is a great place for Native Korean speakers to practice English with those interested in improving their Korean language skills. 한국어 원어민 환영합니다!!! 외국인을 상대로 영어 회화를 연습해요.

We've been meeting since 2013! Due to the growth and popularity of our group, we formed into the Korean American Center of Orange County. You can also find us at: (

Our Meetup group is great opportunity to practice and learn from one another in a casual and informal setting and even make new friends. We are a very active group with lots of activities. We also have various social activities that somehow tie in to Korean Language and/or Culture.

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The Korean American Center is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our purpose is to build a stronger connection between intergenerational Korean Americans and the greater community by promoting Korean language and culture. We do this through hosting free Korean-English language exchanges, formal Korean language classes, the Irvine Korean Cultural Festival, cultural workshops, and by providing opportunities for community activities

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