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What we’re about

#KotlinHyderabad community is an open community of professionals who are living in or around Hyderabad city who are passionate about Kotlin and related technology. We are professionals who are interested to share, learn, spread and contribute to Kotlin community. 

Kotlin is a modern, cross-platform, multi-purpose programming language. JetBrains started the design and development of the language back in 2010 and has watched it rapidly grow in popularity. Known for its concise syntax and pragmatic design, Kotlin provides ample opportunity for sharing and reusing code between multiple projects and platforms.

What do we do?

We meet regularly in our sponsored venue, we host monthly like:

• Monthly meetup

• Coding dojo

• Kotlin night 

• and more. 

Who to join?
Anyone who likes to learn and share Kotlin related technology you can join. We do not have any criteria to join. You can be a Professional, Freelancer, Student or you work in Java, Android, etc or another platform who likes to know what is Kotlin can join the community. 

How to join?

This meetup site is the main gateway to KotlinHyderabad. Do not forget to subscribe to the Mailinglist from this you get all updates of the community. 

Meetup | GitHub | FB Page | Twitter | Slack | Telegram