KiKoK: Kubernetes in Kubernetes on Kubernautic with K3s


Running a K3s Virtual Cluster in a namespace on any K8s environment like K3s itself, EKS, AKS, GKE, etc.. can help us to run our Dev / QA and Stage clusters in separate namespaces on a single cluster for different users / teams.

By this meetup we are going to showcase a simple solution to achieve Multitenant isolation with dedicated K3s Virtual Clusters running in Spot or Stateful Namespaces and introduce the enterprise grade solution Loft by the awesome people and how we are using it on Kubernautic together with our Rancher as Service offering.

We'll also introduce similar nice solutions like K8Spin and their newly open sourced operator. K8Spin was the first Namespace as a Service solution provided by our lovely friends at SIGHUP.

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Will be provided after the event with some new exciting insights about cluster sleep mode.

Alexander & Arash