• Container Runtimes And Kubernetes

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    Problem: The Freedom of Choice Often we are lucky to have the freedom of choice, but this could become a chronic headache and turn to become a problem, at least if you've to deal with different container runtimes on different operating systems and different k8s distributions. By this online meetup Fahed Dorgaa sheds some light on Container Runtimes, the Container Runtime Interface, why to use a Container Runtime Interface, what is OCI, RUNC, RUNSC, CRI-O, Containerd, frakti, Kata, Docker, Podman, Buildah, gVisor, Skopeo, etc.. and talks about the relationship between Cri & Cni. By this talk Fahed will help us to get rid of a chronic k8s headache and choose the right container runtime solution for our daily work. Agenda What is a Container Runtime? What is a Container Runtime Interface? Why to use the Container Runtime Interface? What is the best Container Runtime solution? Cri & Cni About Fahed Dorgaa A passionate go-getter specialized in delivering technical solutions with a strong software engineering background and a recognized business acumen. I still enjoy the thrill of learning and am passionate about software architecture and buzzwords technologies. Everywhere! Join via Zoom https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/526521988

  • OpenShift vs. Rancher vs. Kubernetes V

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    By this Online Meetup we'll deploy the latest OpenShift 4.1.x, Rancher Server 2.3 + RKE 1.15.x and Vanilla Kubernetes 1.16 in the cloud, and / or on our local machines (bare-metal) THE RIGHT WAY and provide an independent view of these solutions by feature & capabilities, user friendliness and licensing + operational cost. Location: Online via zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/694995179 Timezone is CET! EST: 8:00 am CET: 3:00 pm IST: 6:30 pm

  • Okteto: Move your development environments to Kubernetes

    Kubernetes has made it very easy to deploy applications to the cloud at a higher scale than ever. Projects like Knative, Istio, Envoy and Open Policy Agents enable us to run applications at a very high scale, with incredibly complex network and access rules. But at the same time, they make it really hard to develop and test locally. This pain goes away if we develop our cloud-native applications directly in the cluster. In this talk, Ramiro from Okteto will explain the concept of cloud-native development, the benefits and challenges of this approach, the different tools available for this and how we implement it at @Okteto. Bio: Ramiro Berrelleza is one of the founders of Okteto. He has spent most of his career (and his free time) building cloud services and developer tools. Before starting Okteto, Ramiro was an Architect at Atlassian and a Software Engineer at Microsoft Azure. Originally from Mexico, he currently lives in San Francisco. Join via Zoom: https://kubernauts.zoom.us/j/376531981 The time is 7:00 pm CEST