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What we’re about

This is the initial branch of the Kubernauts meetup groups worldwide. We're going to provide Online and Offline Meetups. If you're going to host the Kubernauts meetup in your Country / City, please get in touch.

About Kubernauts:

Kubernauts - as a non-profit initiative - is going to support a worldwide community and a network of Cloud-Native Thinkers and practitioners who care about the world to make it better, through their knowledge, their ideas and their real world implementations of cloud-native apps and platforms for any industry, which needs to refactor their mind and their IT strategy by applying the Reactive Manifesto, DevOps and SRE Principles in their daily development and operations.

We believe there is a lack of talent and tools that can combine subject matter expertise with cloud-native thinking and strategy to build cloud-aware applications based on microservices architectures.

Any Cloud-Native Thinker can join our network to increase or share her / his knowledge and capabilities through our free online training programs.

We're planing to provide free online trainings for Kubernetes-, Containers-, Serverless-, and other cloud related technologies such as OpenStack and Cloud Foundry through our mentors and trainers worldwide.

This meetup is open to everyone, but it's not for everyone!

If you believe in Cloud Native Foundation's mission defined by CNCF's Charter and so in a new way of Cloud-Native Thinking and feel you'd like to share your knowledge as a mentor or learn from others to get ready to build the future together in your new community, we'd love to welcome you as a Kubernaut to our community.



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