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Kubernetes & Cloud-Native Milano è il meetup per tutti gli amanti del mondo open source legato a Kubernetes ed all'intero stack Cloud-Native. Nasce come punto d'incontro per tutti coloro che lavorano sia a livello applicativo che infrastrutturale su container.

Lavoriamo in stretta collaborazione con CNCF Italy (https://www.meetup.com/CNCF-Italy/) e Milano DevOps (https://www.meetup.com/Milano-DevOps/) e siamo un meetup dalla community per la community. Se sei interessato a proporre un talk o un incontro su un tema che ti interessa particolarmente, contattaci!

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Kubernetes & Cloud Native Milano - 2019 #1 - Security on Kubernetes

Ciao a tutti, riprendiamo il 2018 con un evento dedicato alla sicurezza ed avremo come speaker d'eccezione Michael Hausenblas, Developer Advocate di RedHat. Oltre a Michael avremo un secondo talk "Vault on Kubernertes" tenuto da Philippe Scorsolini di SIGHUP. Qui di seguito trovate i dettagli del talk. ----- TALK #1 Title: Is it safe to assume you’re using Kubernetes securely? Tales and good practices. ABSTRACT We will review Kubernetes security features and good practices (https://kubernetes-security.info/) and demonstrate some in hands-in sessions. In this talk you’ll see how to build container images in a sane manner, how to deploy apps properly using service accounts and RBAC, and what you can do from a developer as well as a cluster admin perspective to use Kubernetes a tad more securely. ABOUT Michael is a developer advocate for Kubernetes at Red Hat, where he helps folks to build and operate cloud native apps. His background is in large-scale data processing and container orchestration and he's experienced in advocacy and standardization at W3C and IETF. Before Red Hat, Michael worked at Mesosphere, MapR, and two research institutions in Ireland and Austria. He contributes to open source software (mainly using Go), blogs, writes books and hangs out on Twitter too much. Talk #2 Title: Going hands on with Vault on Kubernetes ABSTRACT We will take a look at what is Hashicorp's Vault (https://www.vaultproject.io/) , what it can be used for, how we can leverage it to secure our kubernetes cluster and applications. We are going to start technical and then dive directly into some hands-on examples of possible Vault usages. ABOUT Philippe is an engineer at SIGHUP focusing on Kubernetes and all the things security ---- Un caloroso ringraziamento a Mikamai per l'ospitalita' e alla CNCF per la sponsorizzazione. Entrambi i talk saranno in inglese.

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