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The reindeer are landing at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanic Gardens
No time for an African safari or Amazon adventure? Then take a walk on the wild side at the remarkable—and remarkably varied—Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens in L.A.’s Griffith Park. Explore tropical habitats at Rainforest of the Americas, and observe chimps in a natural setting of waterfalls, palm trees, and rock formations in Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains. Four visiting reindeer return to the Los Angeles Zoo for the only opportunity to see real reindeer in Los Angeles at the LA ZOO REINDEER ROMP, from November 16 – January 6. Popular exhibits throughout the zoo are the Indian rhino, zebras, giraffes, meerkats, koalas, wallabies, snow leopards, Nubian ibex, the golden lion tamarin, the regal Tajik Markhor, the rare Mountain Tapir and Reggie the Alligator who greets you near the front gate, just to name a few. If you're a Triple A member, present your card at the box office for a 10% discount (normal price is $21). You can also buy tickets online at the LA Zoo site, enter promo code AAA172F7R at checkout to receive discount. Organizers are volunteers and are not liable for any attendee's well being, consequences of unlawful behavior, or any other issues that may arise. Please be respectful of others and follow the zoo’s rules. Please try to arrive to the designated meeting spot on time. Though we usually wait about 15 minutes for latecomers, we don't always have time to constantly check Meetup for people posting comments on their whereabouts and sometimes the Meetup app is very slow for new comments to appear. Please do not attend the Meetup if you do not have a RSVP (being on the waitlist is not an RSVP). Doing so is not only rude but it disrupts our plans and can increase the size of the Meetup to something larger than we'd like. If we notice someone without a valid RSVP we may ban you from attending our future Meetups and possibly have you removed from the Meetup group itself. Please don't make us do that to you. Thank you.

Los Angeles Zoo

5333 Zoo Dr · Los Angeles, CA

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