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What we’re about

This is a group for women, ages 21 and up, who would like to make friends with other ladies by getting together and socializing, eating, and playing games. We mostly play board games and card games, although we are open to trying new things. We have a lot of fun at our game nights, so be prepared to laugh! We are a very down-to-earth group of women of all ages and backgrounds who really enjoy each other’s company and are quick to welcome new additions. Since we want to form a group of close-knit friends, we purposely keep our membership small.

Most of our events take place at members’ homes (we try to rotate who hosts) with anywhere between 5 to 15 women in attendance. In addition to playing games, a typical event involves eating food (usually potluck style), drinking a little (sometimes), playfully insulting whoever is winning (which often includes creative ways of using four letter words), and chit-chatting about whatever topic happens to come up. 

Frequently, we meet at restaurants, gaming places, casinos, parks, etc. If you have ideas for something new that the group can try, please share it!

Members must attend events on a regular basis.


1. Attending an event:

• do not bring guests to an event unless you have prior permission from the event host (no male guests of any age or female guests who are under 21 are allowed unless it is stated otherwise in the event description)

• no soliciting at events unless it has been pre-approved by an Organizer. We will not allow soliciting at regularly scheduled events unless it has been disclosed ahead of time to attendees that sales will be taking place
• if you RSVP’d “yes” for an event and need to cancel, please be considerate to the host and try to give at least 48 hours notice. Do not cancel the day of an event unless it is for a reason that is truly beyond your control. If you do have to cancel the day of an event, please tell the host of the event why you are cancelling either by posting your reason in the comment section or by sending a private message. If you repeatedly cancel with short notice, then you will be removed from the group
• “no shows” are not allowed. If you RSVP “yes” for an event and then do not cancel and do not show up, then you will be removed from the group. If an extenuating circumstance caused you to not show for an event, please inform an Organizer as soon as possible to avoid being removed from the group

2. Hosting an event:

• let people know ahead of time if small children will be present at your home during an event and, since this is a group for adults, please make every attempt to separate them from the adults 

• in case of allergies, please let people know ahead of time if you have pets in your home and what kind of pets you have, or if smoking occurs in your home

• no soliciting unless your have gotten pre-approval from an Organizer

• if you need to cancel an event that you are hosting, please give at least 48 hours notice (if an extenuating circumstances occurs that prevents giving 48 hours notice, please inform an Organizer as soon as possible)

3. Be an active member:

•our group frequently has a long wait list of ladies who want to join. In order to show that you are truly interested in being a member, you must attend at least one event within the first month of joining

• the main purpose of this group is to make friends with other ladies. If you don't attend events regularly, then we wont get to know you and forming friendships will be unlikely. Therefore, in order to keep your membership active, you need to attend at least one event every two months. If an extenuating circumstance arises that will prevent you from doing this (such as a prolonged illness, a long vacation, etc.), then please notify an Organizer 

• hosting an event is a lot of fun but it also requires effort. In order to spread the work load around, all group members are expected to host at least one event per year. An event can be at a public place (like a park, casino, restaurant, etc.) or it can be at a home/apartment. Hosting an event does not have to cost the host any money. 

4. This group is designed to be fun and stress relieving. As a result, no gossiping, negativity, harassment, or any type of drama will be tolerated. Anyone involved in such behavior will be told to leave an event and will be removed from the group. Please inform an Organizer if you witness or experience this type of behavior in our group

5. For security reasons:

• you must have a current picture of yourself on your Meetup profile that clearly shows your face

• you must have your name on your Meetup profile (only your first name is required)

• a member may be removed from the group at any time at the discretion of the Organizers

DISCLAIMER: By being a member of this group you agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's organizers liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis.