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What we’re about

Ladies Who Geek is an 501c3 non-profit organization that creates a fun and inviting atmosphere where women and non-binary can geek with other ladies; meet in different places for fun, exciting events; and break out of the stereotype we so often encounter in our nerdy quest to have a great time.

How do we do this? We provide a safe, welcoming space for women and non-binary to find similar-minded people and to share interests and passions they might have in common. Ladies Who Geek organizes events every month to promote a friendly, welcoming environment for ladies to meet and network with one another, and the organization also encourages the celebration of achievements by women in gaming, comic books, literature, television, film, crafting, cosplay, and a variety of related industries and fields. We connect women with opportunities to give back to their local communities through donation drives and other charitable activities.

The mission of the Ladies Who Geek is to create a safe and inviting space for women and non-binary to educate themselves in the popular culture arts. To provide opportunities for interaction between peers with similar interests and gain insight and expertise in subject matters related to popular culture arts. To give charitable volunteering opportunities to these women throughout the community. 

We are based in the DFW, TX Area and welcome ladies 18+ from anywhere in Texas!

Email us at if you have any questions.


What constitutes being a member of Ladies Who Geek 

Signing up for our Free Membership and Paid Membership links constitute you as being a member of Ladies Who Geek. Liking/Following/Joining our social media pages does not constitute you as a member of Ladies Who Geeks but as an interested follower of the organization.

When does membership expire? Membership is annual (12 months) with automatic renewal on your start date. 

You can cancel at any time from your Membership account screen.

What are membership dues used for exactly? 

Space deposits, event swag, free event logistics, free tickets to events (buddy pass), website hosting fees, domain fees, website plugin-fees, legal and business fees to support the organization, etc.