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What we’re about

For safety and security reasons, and so that we know who we are hiking with, we require that you use your real first name and post a real picture of yourself that clearly shows your face in order to join our group. Otherwise we will have to decline your membership. Please don't submit a membership request if you cannot meet these requirements. Thanks for your cooperation.
This is a women-only outdoors/exercise group suitable for novice and beginning hikers and other kinds of outdoorswomen, as well as those with more experience. We offer mostly low-key events for women who just want pleasant outdoor experiences without the need for speed or competition. We typically hike at a pace that allows for conversation, picture-taking and enjoyment of the natural surroundings (usually about 2.5 miles per hour if we are on flat terrain). We also do other types of activities such as canoeing/kayaking, camping, picnics, outdoor concerts, historical tours, occasional charitable and advocacy events, and various other kinds of outdoor/exercise events.  Although our home city is Durham, this group is a statewide group. Our events take place all over NC and occasionally in other states. We are seeking experienced and enthusiastic organizers in all parts of NC. 
Our group is welcoming to all women from all walks of life -- all ages, sexual orientations, races, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, political affiliations, lifestyles, etc. Trans women are explicitly welcomed in this group. We value our diversity and encourage open, respectful dialogue. Members are expected to treat one another with civility and decency.
Most of our events have an outdoors and/or exercise component, but we occasionally offer other kinds of activities such as movies, dinners, concerts, etc. Some of our events allow guests who are not women; most are for women only. Some are kid-friendly but most are for adults only. Whether a particular event is open to non-woman adults or children is up to the organizer of the specific event. If you aren't sure whether it's OK to bring your potential guest, feel free to ask the organizer of that specific event. Please remember, you are responsible for your guest's RSVP -- that means adding them to your RSVP as a +1 and reminding them to show up, and adjusting your RSVP as necessary if your guest cannot attend. Some of our events have a limit on attendance due to limited availability of parking, organizer preference or other factors. Please respect the decision of the organizer regarding all parameters of the event.
If you have a question or comment about an event, contact the event host of that specific event. Please do not contact other organizers. And make sure you read the full event description before asking questions. Often you will find the answers in the event description.
With all Lady Trailblazers events, please be considerate and update your RSVP if your plans change. Your RSVP should accurately reflect your intention to participate or not participate in an event. If you RSVP "yes," your attendance is expected. Please don't be a no-show! If you RSVP, "no," or don't RSVP at all, please don't just show up for the event. We have a "3 strikes" attendance policy -- 3 no-shows subjects you to possible removal from the group. Please READ the policy, posted here:

Regarding COVID precautions: our group's organizers are free to set whatever COVID precautions they wish for their events. Vaccination, masking and/or social distancing may be required for some events, while other events may have no restrictions -- it's up to the individual organizer. Please respect the organizer's decisions regarding all parameters of each specific event. Organizers need to feel comfortable at their own events, otherwise they won't want to host anything! By respecting the organizers' decisions, you will be helping to encourage them to host more events! Thanks for your understanding and support. :)