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What we’re about

"Welcome spiritual seekers in the Orange County Area. We are a Spiritual Wellness Group of women & men, who have created a sacred circle to support one another on our sacred journey's. We gather in nature to enjoy mindfulness, earthing & grounding practices & mindfulness hikes, at various nature locations. We enjoy a variety of mindfulness, earthing & grounding practices to help us feel-integrate-release emotions, harmonize the mind, body & soul, regulate the nervous system & uplift our energy-frequency-vibration. These mindfulness practices, tools, tips & techniques help strengthen our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies so we can remain steady, stable & grounded no matter what is happening in our lives & the world around us. We enjoy the present moment together, follow our joy, share stories, offer support & receive angelic guidance & messages for those who wish to receive. Our motto is to have fun, lighten up & laugh, listen to your body wisdom, make adjustments as needed, take what resonates & leave the rest."

Be sure to provide me with your email address at, so you can receive our community updates, fun & insightful weekly newsletters. We have joyful family & adult group outings each month & free events, so come join us for blissful experiences & magically, memorable outings. We have the most amazing members, who support & uplift one another. Together we are building an empowering & abundantly thriving community where we celebrate everyone's Divine Authentic Self & Expression.

With Love, Blessings & Gratitude,

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