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What we’re about

hello! i organise very chill and laid back weekly meet-ups for people who love photography.

we gather to do shooting activities, print our stuff, learn about the work of master photographers, better our photography techniques and editing skills, and most importantly, have fun and get to know each other. 

i am a documentary photographer and filmmaker and have just moved to new orleans from brazil, where i was the founder and main instructor of a school of photo and doc filmmaking. throughout the years i have designed so many courses, activities, and gatherings for people who want to get deeper into photography and filmmaking, and i'm now focused on recreating this amazing vibe and fun here in nola. 

i'll be posting the next few meet-ups throughout this week - if this is your thing please join and come check the meet-ups out! if you want to see some of my work, just head to: www.olialexander.comand to check-out my school and what we had going on there, visit: 

hope to see you around, oli